Friday, May 26, 2017

Opening Epcot

We were super excited about Epcot and doing the Chevrolet Test Track.  All Jason and my dad talked about before the trip.  So we made sure we were there before the park opened.  It was pretty fun.  We got right up by the ball and had some entertainment.  We got to Test Track and hardly waited to go in.  Best decision we made and kids loved it too!  

Fun photo op

Our entertainment

One happy guy

Designing their cars

Off we go to test our car

What a fun ride!

He'd like this when he turns 16, lol

While we were at Epcot there was a garden show going on where there were topiaries
 of all different Disney Characters throughout the park.  We had fun looking at them and taking pics with them.  Made for more fun at a park I didn't think would be very interesting.

Great ride!

Another fun ride

Nemo Ride

Bambi and Thumper

In Canada

Winnie the Pooh



The kids were stoked about meeting Anna and Elsa


He loved the princesses

Anna was so much fun

So sweet

Even mom wanted her pic with Anna

Mom is always trying to take fun picures

Long story - we won a bet with my parent's old neighbor.
Made for a fun night and some great laughs.

The kids went on an egg hunt through the countries.
Frustrated at first but then everyone got involved and it was fun.

Little Miss Addisyn was complaining of a sore leg.
We tried to get her to stretch it, lots of tears.
Grandpa came to the rescue with a wheel chair.

My whole heart, we were having so much fun

My little soldier

When in Rome...
Had to have some adult beverages while in Great Britain.
Jason had Oberon and I had a cider beer.

Cheers to another fun day!

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